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Roofer in Happy Valley, OR

Happy Valley, OR was incorporated in 1965.  Happy Valley was originally called Christilla valley, a play on the names of the first settlers in the Happy Valley area.  In the 1990s, Happy Valley exploded in growth, to become one of the fastest growing areas in Clackamas county.  If you live in one of the homes built in the 1990s, you are probably thinking about your roof.  Contact Abbott and Simpson Roofing to take care of your roofing needs in Happy Valley.


Roof replacement is something that you can't put off, and it never comes at a great time.  Often, the biggest challenge with roof replacement is.... your roof contractor.  At Abbott and Simpson, our goal is to make your new roofing replacement easy.  Our process is streamlined, we are tech-savvy (at least for construction guys), quick to fix problems, return phone calls, and show up on time.  We treat every customer as if we had to work hard to earn their business.  If you are in Happy Valley and need an asphalt roof, call Abbott and Simpson.


When should I replace my roof?


Deciding when to replace your roof is an important decision.  Do you need to replace it, or will a simple repair get you enough extra life to be worth it?  It depends on the age of the roof (the older the roof, the less sense it makes to repair it), the extent of the damage, and how much the repair costs.  Larger repairs on older asphalt roofs are common examples of when it is time to replace the roof.  If you lose 20 shingles in a storm, chances are you will have us back out after the next storm to replace 20 more shingles.  Obviously, having us replace shingles every year is more expensive than a new roof.

Portland's roofer since 1956.

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