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Roofing Portland Since 1956...


A political radical, Herb Simpson was blacklisted during the McCarthy Era in the early 1950's, and so he turned to roofing.  It didn't take long for him to realize he excelled in the profession; hence, he began to take on roofing jobs of his own with small crews.  This developed into Simpson Roofing by the mid 1950's.


A good roofer, Herb's integrity set him apart.  He always wanted to complete every job to the best of his ability and strove to please his customers. Furthermore, he continually tried his hand at different-but related-parts of the trade like: sheet metal, siding, and masonry.  This he did to ensure happy and satisfied customers; and he succeeded.


Through his High School and college years, Herb's son Dan began to make an impression as a roofer himself.  By this time, Herb had grown Simpson Roofing to a three-crew operation that employed up to 15 people. While working part time at Simpson roofing and attending Portland State University, Dan met Cathy and they married in 1979.  With marriage, Dan began to see the considerable value of learning how to run his fathers roofing company.  He focused on the business end of things and in 1982, he and his father decided to Incorporate into Abbott & Simpson Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.  Dan bought the business that same year.


Dan brought the same integrity to business as his father before him.  He excelled in communicating with customers in a straightforward way that enabled them to see the make-up of their roof, potential problems and solutions.  Dan reviewed each job until each and every customer was completely and utterly satisfied.


Finally, in spring of 2015, Dan Simpson decided to retire from the roofing industry.  He couldn't bring himself to allow such a strong foundation to crumble to nothing, however.  At this time, Kirk Koskiniemi (current owner) searched the Portland, OR area for a small business to purchase & grow.  After several opportunities fell through, he decided to start his own business.  Dan and Kirk met through a mutual acquaintance, and found they had a very similar philosophy regarding quality and customer satisfaction.  Between them, they began a transition of ownership, and the name was shortened to "Abbott & Simpson Roofing". Dan was able to retire, but has been kind enough to serve as an unofficial mentor, and share his many years of roofing wisdom when it becomes necessary.


Kirk feels fortunate to have a business with such a solid name and strong foundation in Portland, OR.  His ideals closely match those of the founders and is excited to continue to serve Portlanders in the coming years. 


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