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Portland, OR

Roof Repair

Roofs in Portland, Roofing Portland, OR

We provide roof repairs all over Portland. Flashing repair, damage from wind, and leak detection are the repair services we provide. We will also take care of additional repairs from leaking roofs, as we are a licensed general contractor. We are sensitive to the issue of repairing vs. replacing, and will recommend the best action for your needs. We won't milk you out year after year for repairs on a failing roof, and we won't pressure you into buying a whole new roof when simple repairs will significantly extend the life of your roof.

Our Repair Process

Nobody likes surprises when it involves roofs and home improvement. We do our best to provide answers via our repair process.


1.     Contact us to explain your problem. If possible, email pictures to  

2.     We do our best to give you an estimated repair budget, based on your information.

3.     We arrive on site, establish a final estimate, and do the work for an agreed upon price. We would prefer not to sticker shock customers after the roof is done.


Occasionally, we cannot estimate unforeseen repairs. Examples include rot under the roof that cannot be seen from the attic, improperly installed products that need to be redone, etc. In these situations, we will always try to give you a fixed price, and will allow you to get other bids if you desire before proceeding.



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